City Laundromat is a self-service coin-operated laundromat in downtown of Anchorage.


City Laundromat in Anchorage is a coin operated service, we have set out to create a unique, yet comfortable way to do laundry. It is not just a clean Laundromat, not just a modern Laundromat, but also a Laundromat with a warm environment and features that allow laundry to feel nothing like the tiring and time-consuming chore it is.

  • Quarters and Dollars Coin Machine
  • Soap Machine
  • We also sell large soap items at the counter (ask Attendant)
  • self-service coin-operated
  • Affordable Price.


Laundry Care makes getting the laundry DONE easier than ever before. Whether you are a busy family or a hard working student, we'll accommodate your specific laundry needs. We've got laundry covered.

  • Ready for all services.
  • Take good care of your clothes .
  • Pick up and deliver.
  • Calls us .
  • Affordable Price.


Whether you just don’t have the time, ability, or desire to do your own laundry or you’re a business that doesn’t have the capacity to handle your laundry on site, our professionals will meet and exceed your every expectation and make sure your laundry receives the utmost care.

  • Ready for all services.
  • Call us with your request.
  • We'll take care of your linens, uniforms, towels, and more!
  • We save you time and money
  • Affordable Price.


We'll take care of your industrial laundry, call us.

  • Ready for all services.
  • Affordable Price.


Its not something you think about until you come back from the party/convention/whatever and your costume is soaked in sweat and all you can think about is getting it off and putting on some clean clothes. So how do you go about keeping your costume clean?

  • Ready for all services.
  • Affordable Price.